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I love to Ride

On the street, track or trails so check out the calender for my up coming rides and motorcycling events

   I've been riding since i was 10 years old. I saved my $5 allowance long enough to buy a broken down Honda XR80. My Uncle Danny helped me get it going; It had a hole in the case that we JB welded and we gave it a tank and carb clean. Soon I was on my way to terrorize the trails. The tires were dry rotted and cracked and the sprocket was in terrible shape, but when the chain would start to jump I would just flip it around the other way and ride it until there was nothing left but a few wavy bumps.

   Since then I've gotten considerably better at motorcycle repair and maintenance, having gone to LATTC to study motorcycle mechanics, welding and machining, and having worked and trained at Honda of North Hollywood. When they closed their doors in February 2015 (love ya guys) I struck out on my own serving the greater Los Angeles area motorcyclist the best way I know how: by keeping their bike running as well as possible and promoting positive practices within the motorcycle community.

   Stop by and say hi, even if you only have a question or need some air in your tires (no charge of course). My team and I would be happy to meet you.

-David J. Mathis



418 Magnolia Ave, Glendale, CA, 91204

Open Mon-FRI 10AM-7PM Closed weekends to go riding!

Tune up's and Maintenance

O.E.M and Aftermarket Parts Sales and Installation

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Insurance Estimates and Repairs

In-house Custom Fabrication

Wheel lacing/building

Custom electrical systems

Media blasting 

Race motor building 

Custom restoration services

​Shop rate is $110 an hour and shop minimum is a half hour (I.e., $55)

Single tire change and balance Is $55 flat rate (for labor)

Oil and oil filter change is $55 flat rate         (for labor)

Se habla Español